We're Drip Social

DRIPSOCIAL is an award winning, all Canadian, e-liquid manufacturing and curated distributor of vapour products established in 2013. Formerly known as KLOUD PANDA, our collective has been known to work closely with our clients and offer easy out of the box marketing material to hyper grow their DRIPSOCIAL sales. We are incredibly proud to be an all-Canadian company working with over 280 stores in Canada as well as working with top distribution companies internationally.

We are self-proclaimed vape nerds. Each of us at DRIPSOCIAL are ex-tobacco users and we all managed to add the “ex” because we’ve pooled our professional and personal experiences into creating DRIPSOCIAL through organic and analytical chemistry, flavor and aroma specialization, agency level marketing, creativity, and most importantly a will to want life, flavor, and pleasure out of leisure time. We’ve turned being nerds into a hobby and into a profession. We believe that if you’re not a nerd for something, you’re not having enough fun!

The word QUALITY runs through our minds all the time at DRIPSOCIAL. We meticulously ensure that every bottle a customer purchases has the exact same quality and taste as their following bottles. Our focus on high quality innovative products was rewarded in 2016 with our first of many industry awards. Winning the best e-liquid in Canada for 2016 was just the beginning to a series of well-deserved awards and accolades earned internationally as well as domestically.

DRIPSOCIAL’S focus extends extensively into local advocacy efforts and the creation of fully compliant products for our clients. The vaping industry is in its infancy and is growing rapidly, as current stakeholders, DRIP SOCIAL applies efforts and participates in various advocacy efforts domestically. Our products are continuously updated to reflect current and updated regulations regarding packaging/labeling requirements. This ensures that all retail partners have up-to-date and compliant products available for their business.